Briyani in Delhi

We were at first hesitant when we saw the hole in the wall restaurant (Anand Restaurant) that our guide recommended. We had been warned about Delhi Belly, but felt bad to reject our guide who was insisting that this is the best. In the end we had no regrets. I ordered an extra plate of chicken briyani which is one of the specialities. Ignored the insect crawling on the table and the dim dingy interior in a garish orange (the place only looks bright in the photos due to the auto flash).

photo by bookjunkie

Loved the font that was used for the menu board.

photo by bookjunkie

I think only in India can you have Coke in a glass bottle like we used to have back in the 70’s in Singapore.

photo by bookjunkie

The briyani was oh go good. But if I were to be perfectly honest, I still prefer the one from Yakadar in Singapore’s Tekka Market. I guess the Delhi Briyani was much spicier.

photo by bookjunkie

The seats were very narrow and not too comfortable. They actually placed 3 chairs together to form a bench.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

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6 Responses to Briyani in Delhi

  1. I’d love to eat in places like these!

  2. plumerainbow says:

    Love the photos. Keep them coming!

    Also, I have never seen such a big plate of onions – it’s not just onions is it?

    • bookjunkie says:

      they were mainly onions, but there was so much food besides briyani like naan etc that we didn’t even have that. In India I loved the raita and yoghurt as well. Always made with full cream milk. Strangly the coffee and tea I had in north india were always dilute. I miss the rich milky tea I had in South India – and Singapore’s tea is wonderful too (Arab Street & Little India) – I love it.

  3. notabilia says:

    Briyani is Singaporean; biryani is Indian. They are cooked slightly differently.

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