Fish Mart Sakuraya: Another Japanese Supermarket (West Coast Plaza)

I am getting so predictable. I checked out yet another Japanese supermarket. But they are still fun for me with all the pretty packaging.

I think this is Sakura tea – all pretty in pink.

photo by bookjunkie

My first time seeing special made in Japan Cheetos. Whenever I think of Cheetos I think of Britney Spears. Don’t you?

photo by bookjunkie

Kids will love these adorable milk cartons.

photo by bookjunkie

And this is also my first time seeing the Japanese Kewpie Mayo in the tiniest plastic bottles. I think this is a good idea as I still have a huge bottle of this stuck in the fridge for ages. Japanese mayo is pretty nice and tends to be sweeter. Great with Japanese rice and pumpkin croquette.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

As I walked around West Coast Plaza, I also spotted a Toast Box. It’s a nice place to have kopi or tea but it’s always hard to find a seat. Surprisingly this outlet was not that packed.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

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4 Responses to Fish Mart Sakuraya: Another Japanese Supermarket (West Coast Plaza)

  1. kixes says:

    The Toast Box in WCP is never that packed. Sadly though it did mean that the Bread n Butter Box on the 3rd floor closed down.

  2. Lady J says:

    I’ve never seen Cheetos in that packaging.. Junk food is my biggest weakness and I feel like running out to grab a pack of those. And the pink tea packaging? I think it’s Plum Tea 😉

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