Open Door Policy at 19 Yong Siak Street

When I first heard the name Open Door Policy my first thought was – it was too hot for Al Fresco. But no, it was refreshingly cool when we entered the restaurant and no doors left open, thank goodness. There was a scent of rose water when we entered and I loved that. Open Door Policy also reminds me of what an ex-boss used to say – that you could consult him at any time – one of my better bosses.

We had a lovely experience here. First the cosy yet chic decor impressed us and the gourmet food was wonderful too. I don’t know much about describing good food, but I can say that I recommend the chicken confit – the meat was so tender, it fell off the bone. Had to have the strong coffee here too. D liked the souffle. It was supposed to be pistachio but it tasted a lot like pandan to me. Prices are pretty steep though. We almost could not get a table as you need to make a reservation. From the lunch hour crowd you can tell that this place is extremely popular even though it’s relatively new on the scene.

The ambience here is lovely and I think I’ll just let my photos do the talking. A sky light seems to be a must in all new hip restaurants. Personally I love it. Also loved the unique gold lamps.

Tuna Nicoise.

The Chicken Confit. We really liked the soy quinoa it came with.

A peek at the menu style like an retro Singapore school teacher’s attendence book.

The piccolo latte, hot chocolate and the pistachio souffle. Wanted pancakes but it’s only available on the weekends.

They served us iced water and topped it up and that was just great. And the sugar came in a cute medicine bottle.

I can never resist over-photographing coffee.

I wonder who the artist was. The who did the beautiful drawings and clean fonts on the chalkboard.

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9 Responses to Open Door Policy at 19 Yong Siak Street

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  2. Lady J says:

    The dessert that you ordered looks good! I really liked ODP and your photos captured the ambiance really nicely. The breakfast sets are pretty good as well and the beef tartare that we had with truffle oil was seriously delish too!

  3. Ai Sakura says:

    Never been here before but I definitely want to go there now. Such beautiful and nostalgic ambiance 🙂

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    • bookjunkie says:

      I found the prices a bit steep, but yeah the ambience is lovely and a nice place to go for a special occasion or treat.

  4. faith says:

    hi do they take reservations? the brunch menu looks so tempting! 🙂

    • faith says:

      oh the tuna nicoise looks yummy too. was it delicious? too many choices!

    • bookjunkie says:

      Yeah they asked if we had reservations but we didn’t make any this time. I think it’s better if you do as I noticed it got very crowded during the lunch hour.

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