Where I Used My CDC Vouchers #9: Chey Sua Carrot Cake

I was so glad to see the stall was open today. The last time it was closed even though it was on a day they usually operate. It’s my very first time trying this famous white carrot cake.

It’s a unique carrot cake, almost half omelette

I asked for extra chilli but perhaps I shouldn’t have as it overwhelmed the taste. Just note that the sambal is not fried with the carrot cake but applied on top after it’s cooked. It was a unique take on the carrot cake with more egg, so like half an omelette. Got the biggest portion at S$5 and it was perfect to share.

Note the time as my buzzer didn’t work

Took half an hour for me to get my order but they give you a buzzer. My buzzer didn’t go off as I was seated a bit far away from the stall, but I went back to the stall half an hour later and it was ready. Perfect timing. it was a cinch to claim the vouchers. I haven’t had a problem yet and I’m getting used to it.

Sambal is spread on top
So glad they were open today

Location: Singapore 310127, #02-30 Lor 1 Toa Payoh, Block 127

Hours: 6.30am to 1pm (closed on Monday & Tuesday)

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