Flor at 2 Duxton Hill

Checked out Flor the famous cake cafe in Duxton Hill helmed by Japanese pastry chef Yamashita. To be honest we didn’t intend to go there but since Group Therapy was so crowded we thought we should try out a new place.

It was really crowded but mostly people were ordering cakes for takeaway. The seating capacity is small. Most of the shop space is occupied by the kitchen since the cakes are baked fresh. Just perhaps able to seat 6 people comfortably and it felt really squeezy. There were seats outside but we were already melting. Didn’t feel comfortable occupying the seat for too long and that’s why I ended up ordering more than I could eat. I tend to do that as I feel bad about hogging seats for too long.

The best thing about this place is the service. Very warm indeed. I guess we are not really into cakes so we may not be a good judge of this place, but I wasn’t really that blown away. It’s also not a place for coffee and I found it weak. But yeah, it’s not a coffee joint and I think they focus more on take-away. I think my partner enjoyed the green tea cake as he usually doesn’t finish his cakes and this time he did. The biscuits I got were interesting. There was pepper in it and it was rather spicy which was a tad strange at first, but definitely innovative. Oh yes, I also liked the pretty packaging.



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4 Responses to Flor at 2 Duxton Hill

  1. Kelvin Ang says:

    wow. beautiful cakes. you stay around here?

  2. carrot says:

    i love their strawberry shortcake. very light and fluffy.

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