I was a Bit Disappointed: Jai Thai at 27 Purvis Street

I have to say I was a bit disappointed as I expected Jai Thai to be better than First Thai after all the reviews I read online that this is more authentic. My expectations were high when I arrived. But perhaps the quality diminished as they expanded? They now have quite a few branches. The green curry was not very nice and First Thai beat them thoroughly for this item.

I guess what I could say is that I still found the meal generally tasty as it’s Thai food after all. It just could have bean a whole lot better. What I can also say is that the pricing for the lunch set was pretty good. I chose the pineapple rice set at S$8.80. It comes with the platter including pandan chicken, a bit of green curry, fish fritters and a spring roll You get a very tangy lime juice plus a small coconut jelly dessert. My cousins chose the basil chicken with rice which cost about S$5.80 and they thought it was not bad.

But I have to admit that next time I will pick First Thai at 23 Purvis Street, for sure. Although their prices are much steeper. I just have to avoid Mondays as First Thai is closed on Mondays. But if there are only fast food joints around and need Asian food it’ll be Jai Thai for me. Can anyone recommend me better Thai food in Singapore? Especially if you’re Thai? I think I need to explore the eateries at Golden Mile Complex soon.

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  1. carrot says:

    hmm, i am not sure you will think its nice.. but i always go to this thai stall at a coffee shop (new century coffee shop) opposite the ghim moh market for thai food. i know that the cook is a thai lady.

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