Gardens by the Bay: The Cloud Dome

I am so thrilled to find out on twitter that my posts about Gardens by the Bay may actually be useful for someone out there who hasn’t made a visit yet. Before I write about the taller Cloud Dome I just want to thank you for reading. Makes me wanna post more today even though it’s a pain to upload photos and my eyes are getting teary from staring at the computer screen. Makes it totally worth it.

When we first entered the Cloud Dome we were delighted by the mists of water from the waterfall. Ok, it’s an artificial waterfall but at first glance it was impressive. Can’t beat a real one though. Or one with less concrete involved. They could have added rocks at the bottom?

Cool air from these vents. From the water collected I think. A water cooling system.

Cool tortoise bench.

Totem poles added to the theme park effect. This Dome had very much a theme park feel. One that would appeal to kids.

Just the name ‘Lost World’ makes it so theme park like. Kids will like this element for sure.

This Dome is definitely a whole lot more artificial so I’ll skip this the next time, unless someone in my family wants me for company then I’ll be more than happy to go again. Sometimes it’s all about the company and not the destination itself.

Another round on a vertigo inducing suspension bridge. This one called the Cloud walk. There are lots of these at the Gardens. It’s a key feature. Impossible if you’re on a wheelchair and hard for mums with strollers.

I don’t know, but to me it was less sturdy then it looks. Guess I get a bit nervous with the jiggling. Was thinking about my blogging friend 365 days and what she would make of this. She fears heights and me – confined spaces.

I clung to my phone tightly as I can be clumsy and I was afraid to drop it. Yeah, I am miss butter fingers. My partner will vouch for that. I blame it on my tiny hands.

You can see how the bridge is suspended to the rails on the side. The view of the Singapore skyline is always impressive, even on a cloudy day like this.

Totally made me think about my blogging buddy Crystal. But somehow the artificially excavated limestone formations did not do her justice. I expected a crystal cave to be much prettier and full of jewel tone crystals or perhaps something like Superman’s cave in the Christopher Reeve movies. Now that would be pretty awesome.

If you’ve been in a real cave and seen limestone formations, this would seem very artificial and odd to you as well. This aspect of the Gardens seems more like an educational park like the Science Park. Guess it’s good for a geography lesson for children who are unable to visit actual caves.

Think the developers were trying to create a cave like feeling?

In the beginning you take the lift right up and then you take the escalators down at each level to check out the different features. The very last thing you see is a little film about global warming and how the planet would be devastated if world temperatures increased by 5 degrees. And here silly me thought 5 degrees would allow me to experience cold temperatures of 5 degrees and I was wondering why there were no instructions to bring jackets. I can be so silly sometimes. It’s a useful little film but I guess something you would see only once unless they introduce other educational films.


Show the impending doom as the temperatures goes up by just a little as global warming progresses.

And how it can be halted. So there is hope.

And finally the secret garden, although it’s nothing like the classic I read with the same name.

Again. The sculptures impressed me most. Isn’t the snail just adorable?

Awesome one of a lion.

As you exit there’s a very food and drink kiosk called Seventh Heaven.

One last look as we left. Everything tends to look great against a pretty blue sky. The clouds had cleared away by then.

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7 Responses to Gardens by the Bay: The Cloud Dome

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  3. Crystal says:

    LOL…I’ll have to go check out “my” cave 🙂

    Claire and I saw the waterfall from outside the dome and thought it looked really impressive.

    I loved the snail sculptures in the secret garden.

    Can’t wait to visit it…but will probably put it off until after we’re back from our next US trip–September or so.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Immediately thought about you when I saw the sign 🙂 Hope you get to check out your cave when you’re back 😉 Would love to hear about what improvements you would make 😉

  4. Miso says:

    I wonder if I can avoid the crowd if I visit the garden at around 7am. Heehee….

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