Gardens by the Bay: The Flower Dome (Part 2)

I sometimes tend to like a place better after I write about it, view the photos and take it all in. Blogging helps me appreciate all the little trips I take and food I eat a whole lot more. Also love the fact that sometimes my shared experience helps someone out there who needs more information about a new place. I get the same kind of help too – from other bloggers. So much better to read reviews through real life experiences than the official website. I like how everyone has a different perspective about things.

More lovely wooden slab benches. Quite a lot of walking that day and I didn’t even realize it.

I kept returning to the pretty cacti.

A section for plants from Australia.

To me these were lovely and exotic. Not orchids.

You slowly walk down the curving pathway and you’ll reach the lower level.

I was on the lookout for roses the whole time.

A little cafe called Pollen. Although the prices are steep and it’s not very fancy, I was tempted to sit for awhile and have a drink. Perhaps another time.

Another uber cool bench.

Yes. Finally. Roses. But there were all quite small. I was hoping to see really huge ones but I guess it would have to be even colder for that.

The yellow of this rose looked too intense to be real.

Would be so lovely if there was someone tinkling on the keys and filling the place with sweet music.

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and here’s my very first post with thoughts from immediately after the visit:

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  4. Grace says:

    The colour of the flowers are real!!

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