Thai Banana Fritters (Kluay Kaek) at Golden Mile Complex

So glad I waited for these Thai street food snacks in a shopping complex. Super oily but oh so good. Very different from our Singapore goreng pisang. The banana is less sweet and the batter has sesame seeds in it. Local goreng pisang I think uses more overly ripe bananas. Seems there is grated coconut in the batter too (no wonder so yummy). I found it like a cross between jemput jemput (another Malay style fried banana dessert I love) and goreng pisang. The pretty Thai girl was very methodical in her process. Concentrating very hard and she didn’t crack a smile. Quite mesmerizing to watch her and it made me even hungrier for the lovely treats. There was a long queue forming and I think everyone was drooling in anticipation. It was just S$2 for 7 pieces. A great snack to be shared I would say. Her little stall is located just outside the supermarket upstairs. The sticky rice with mango at the stall just next to this was super tempting too but I can (more like should) only do one dessert a day.

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