Yummiest Tom Yam Soup & Green Curry in Singapore (Nana at Golden Mile Complex)

I am so thankful to Imp for recommending this Thai lunch place to me called Nana at Golden Mile Complex aka Little Thailand. I was very impressed by the Tom Yam soup and green curry. Both items were kept piping hot in a clay pot with a burner underneath. And the best part – they didn’t cut down on the spice levels. It was a pity that we couldn’t try the roasted chicken that looked so good as they didn’t have it that day, but you can read about it at Imp’s blog and get tempted. The Thai style iced coffee I had here was lovely too. Not too sweet.

The owners, chef and servers were all Thai. Golden Mile Complex allows you to have a really unique experience and I guess part of it is the little bit of a sleaze factor. It was quite obvious, although I may be making gross assumptions, that the guy nearby was with a escort to put it mildly. He couldn’t keep his hands off the poor girl who looked less than half his age. It was one sided PDA. Somethings you can’t help noticing even if you don’t want to. And he was the only one doing the talking and he was loud so I didn’t overhear anything – he was just loud. She seemed quite cold towards him though as I guess to her it’s just a transaction and a way to make a living. Boy do I sound kaypoh. One thing that tipped me off is that they were both totally uninterested in their food and something else he told her that I won’t mention here. And who can be uninterested in food this yummy?

More pictures.

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