Am I Truly an Introvert?

Introverts seem to get a bad rap, but as I get older I find myself moving from slightly extroverted to more and more introverted. I always think it’s hard to put people into boxes, but I was still curious about my inclinations, so I decided to take some fun internet tests and share the results here. Included the links so that you can take the tests if you are curious like me. Would love it if you share your results.

Test 1:

Extrovertedness: 25%
The Introvert-Extrovert Test
says that I’m Somewhat Introverted

What does it mean?

This test points to the fact that you tend to be more introverted than extroverted. This would point to the fact that you like taking time for yourself, but do know how to have fun. Your friends are very close, and you consider most other people your peers.

-have motives and actions that are directed outward.
-are more prone to action than contemplation.
-are typically very friendly to unknown people.
-feel empowered in social situations.

-have motives and actions that are directed inward.
-tend to be preoccupied with their own thoughts and feelings.
-minimize their contact with other people.

Test 2:

Your score on this Introvert/Extrovert test is 16,

which means that you are more on the Introvert side.

Test 3:

You scored 17 out of a possible 20

You have a tendency towards being introvert. The higher your score, the more introvert you probably are. The nearer to 10 your score is, the nearer to being an ambivert you are (yes, there really is such a word). But even if you answered every single question as an introvert or extrovert, that doesn’t mean that your behaviour is predictable across all circumstances. We can’t say that every introvert is a bookworm or every extrovert wears lampshades at parties any more than we can say that every woman is a natural consensus-builder and every man loves contact sports. As Jung felicitously put it, “There is no such thing as a pure extrovert or a pure introvert. Such a man would be in the lunatic asylum.

I’m really not a pure introvert as I really enjoy chatting with like minded, kind people on twitter. Although I avoid many social situations as I feel very nervous. I am quite insecure at times and at other times strangely confident.

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7 Responses to Am I Truly an Introvert?

  1. Claire says:

    Test 1 says I’m balanced – neither introvert nor extrovert.

    Test 2 gives me a score of 14 which means I’m more on the introvert side.

    Test 3 scored me 16 out of 20.

    I think the difficulty I have with such tests is that I think I am naturally slightly more introverted – I can be very thoughtful and quiet, and rely a lot on what my gut/emotions tell me. But with good friends and people I trust, I can be quite outgoing – making jokes, dancing a lot etc. It really depends a lot on my mood and who I am with. I would definitely agree with your statement about sometimes being insecure at times, but confident at others!

    I think we are quite alike in many ways, which makes me happy 🙂

    • bookjunkie says:

      From what you say I think we are quite alike too 🙂 With my close trusted ones I am so relaxed and you could say highly extroverted. I can be silly and I’m never embarrassed. I’m even extroverted on the blog and twitter cos people like you make me feel safe. But with some people I have known for years, I feel highly nervous and would rather avoid the situation or meeting. I tend to be like that with people who are very harsh/aggressive/status conscious (most of Singapore toxic work places and a lot of people in my past who tend to be bullies and probably don’t even know it).

      Thanks so much for sharing your tests scores Claire. I kinda like doing personality tests..find them fun.

  2. Sofia says:

    I just took test 1 and I scored 50%, which surprised me! I thought of myself to be more on the introverted side… and I also feel that as I grow older, I tend to be even more introverted. I will try to take tests 2 and 3 as well and see if this is confirmed 😉

    • bookjunkie says:

      Oh cool Sofia 🙂 I can’t wait to hear the rest of the results.

      Also interesting to find that I’m not the only one who feels like I’m getting more and more comfortable as an introvert as I get older.

  3. I don’t think you can really tell whether a person is introverted/extroverted just by a cursory examination – especially not if the examination is online!

    I think of myself as an introvert who has evolved and grown and adapted over the years, so much so that some people think I’m extroverted, but I’m really not. I still prefer to keep to myself and to mull things over quietly, and sometimes I get panicked when I have to talk to strangers because I just can’t think of what to say. I can be pretty awkward in social situations, especially when they’re parties where I don’t really know anyone.

    But because I’m curious, because I do like people (even if sometimes I don’t know what to say to them!), because I always chase stories, I’ve learnt (and am learning) to ask questions, to open myself up so people feel like they can approach me, so that I can have more conversations. My friends will tell you that I still fail at this a lot, but it’s better than it was when I was a teenager, and sometimes strangers think I’m quite extroverted.

    I think one misconception about introverts is that we’re shy out of some lack of confidence, which is totally wrong. An introvert is not someone who lacks confidence, and no one should be surprised that someone who converses fluently, or has good public speaking skills, or participates in debates, etc. is an introvert. Being a introvert doesn’t preclude doing any of those things!

    • bookjunkie says:

      Ya the online tests – not very scientific but fun 😉

      Yeah I used to have that misconception that introverts were shy and also the other misconception that it’s better to be an extrovert. I guess it’s hard to put people into boxes, but I do think I thrive in situations where I am most comfortable. In school especially I always felt the teachers were pushing us to be ‘extroverts’ and that being an ‘introvert’ was no good.

      Like I can be emotionally open and silly in front of people I trust, but horribly awkward and nervous with people I don’t like and don’t get a good vibe from.

      It’s great that that you pointed out that introverts are not shy due to lack of confidence.

  4. ronald says:
    would like to see whether people are interested in having an online forum on introversion.
    Take the poll as per above.

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