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An Introvert Who Likes People

I am not a good conversationalist. I like it when friendly strangers speak to me, but I always feel like I respond in an awkward manner. My partner tells me that I look approachable unlike him. I think I am … Continue reading

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One on One is Best for Me

Since the pandemic I realise more and more that I’m more comfortable having one on one conversations. No small talk for me. Life is too short for that. It’s why I find making new friends hard. I also don’t have … Continue reading

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Internal Life

I wonder if everyone’s internal life is as vocal or non stop like mine. The internal voice of your consciousness. I suppose it’s this way for most introverts who need and enjoy introspective time to unwind. It’s why I write. … Continue reading

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Am I Truly an Introvert?

Introverts seem to get a bad rap, but as I get older I find myself moving from slightly extroverted to more and more introverted. I always think it’s hard to put people into boxes, but I was still curious about … Continue reading

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