Jones the Grocer at Mandarin Gallery

I’ve been to Jones the Grocer at Dempsey, but I must say I preferred the experience at the Mandarin Gallery outlet. You see I’m a private person and I like to have a deep conversation with my companion without anyone inadvertently eavesdropping. I also don’t like to chat and annoy the people sitting close to me or overhear their conversations either. You see, at the Jones outlet in Dempsey we could only get a seat at the huge communal table and I ended up closer to the stranger next to me than my partner across me. The table was just too broad. But if you ask me I would say the Dempsey outlet is way prettier with the natural light flooding in and the bare cement floors in their old colonial building. There was also so much more space for the lovely products, at the Sydney based grocer bistro.

D had the coconut pancake which she liked but as I don’t care for coconut I wish they had a plain version. I really liked my bacon and brioche. It’s a great alternative to Wild Honey which is also located at Mandarin Gallery. This place is not as crowded and we happily passed by groups of people waiting outside Wild Honey. Definitely not fond of crowded places and queuing no matter how great the food is. The coffee at Jones beat Wild Honey hands down. Absolutely loved my iced latte. Also needed it as I was feeling very sleepy after a restless night.

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  1. Sofia says:

    Hi bookjunkie! We are finally going to Dempsey this evening. It is one of my top places on the must see list, also because of your articles. I would go for Samy’s curry but I guess the Jones the Grocer might be better for my son. Hope they also have those marvellous pancakes there!
    I wanted to ask you if you can recommend a nice bookstore to me? Something smaller maybe, where I can find good books for me and also kids books? Thank you!

    • bookjunkie says:

      Hey Sofia, hope you’re enjoying Singapore so far. For the best prices I would say the kid’s section at the Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann City (connected by underground to Orchard MRT).

      But for a more charming selection at an Indie bookstore I liked Littered with Books at Duxton Hill. I also liked Books Actually at Tiong Bahru, but I think Littered with Books are more for children while Books Actually has more of a local book selection. Blogged about both these places 🙂

  2. Sofia says:

    Hello there!
    Thank you for your recommendations. Sorry I only reply now but somehow I didn’t get the usual mail saying there is a new comment…
    We are enjoying Singapore and I guess we have managed to overcome the jet lag too. I have to say it is a completely different experience than last time, i.e. before I had my son! Very different! Today we ate at the Casa Verde at Gardens by the bay 🙂 And we read your blog as a kind of Lonely Planet before we go somewhere 😉
    I agree with you that the Botanic Gardens are much more beautiful than Gardens by the Bay. My son also had lots of fun there.
    See you!

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