Disappointing Experience at Antoinette

I have been reading raves about Antoinette but perhaps they were referring to the branch at Mandarin Gallery. I had a disappointing experience at the branch at Palais Rennaisance. The menu and tableware impressed but I could not forgive the fact that my iced chocolate arrived with chocolate over the sides of the glass such that it got all over my hands. How the heck did they pour it into the glass. Terribly messy and unforgivable considering the prices. When we got there, we found the service inattentive as well. Since this was some time ago I forget if the desserts were any good. I know that my pancakes were very ordinary. My cousin had the macarons and if I recall right she wasn’t impressed either. Couldn’t bring myself to write about disappointing experience where we wasted calories as well as dollars. But I guess I wanted to, not to be mean but to give a balanced view for readers who bother to come by my blog. No one likes to waste hard earned cash and I came here only because I read some rave reviews and now I feel kinda cheated. But then again often service in Singapore is not consistent and one man’s meat can be another man’s poison as the saying goes.

But I guess presentation wise it all does look quite pretty? I did like the logo and perhaps I should have gone for the thin crepes instead of the thick pancakes.

The macarons just didn’t seem delicate enough. So far if I was craving for them I would return to TWG.

The glass where they served us iced water was pretty, but the place generally felt old and run down.

Don’t know if you can tell from the photo but the sides of the glass had chocolate which had spilt all over and was not wiped off. Perhaps I should have complained then and there like my cousin advised but I was too lazy to. Wiped it off with a napkin myself but my hands were so sticky after. Not pleasant.

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4 Responses to Disappointing Experience at Antoinette

  1. Claudia Chia says:

    Wow. I had wanted to try that place. Following your review, I have checked out Paris Baguette Cafe some time ago. Going to blog about that place soon.

    Anyway, I like to check if the utensils and cups are washed clean. Many restaurants/cafes fail on that.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Maybe you won’t be as unlucky as I was. Sometimes it could be an off day? Would love to hear about your experience. I try not to be too biased as different people can have different experiences. But if a lot of people have bad ones then…..

  2. vampiregran says:

    Hi!!!! Vampire Gran here. Love your new blog site! So sorry you had a disappointing experience at what looks like a lovely spot. Your pictures are beautiful. We have had many a disappointing meal/experience when dining out. You just have to focus on the good points and remember not to return – LOL!

    • bookjunkie says:

      Hi Vampire Gran..so nice to see you again 🙂 you’re so right. The good point was the sweet company I had and the lovely glassware. I think I demand more of places which are pricier.

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