Wishing My Uncle A Very Happy Birthday

It was my dear uncle A’s birthday this October and it was nice to see him with his two favourite little people in the world. His adorable grandchildren. Love to see how he lights up whenever they are around.

I never had a grandpa growing up so I don’t know what that kind of relationship is like. Somehow it’s ok because I don’t know what I’m missing anyway. And from stories that I’ve heard about both my grandfathers I think it will be a very distant relationship with a huge generation gap and very little communication.

My uncle on the other hand has always been great with kids. It sure does warm my heart to see him dote on them. He sings to them, and tells them that he misses them when they are apart. When he carries them he sweetly asks them if they are comfortable. It’s the cutest thing ever. There is no doubt that they are the apple of his eye.

This post is just to wish him even more happiness in the years ahead and lots of quality time with his sweeties.

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