Excited about the Pretty Christmas Decorations at Ikea

Out of all the Christmas decorations I’ve seen I think Ikea does it best. Had to do our usual round of checking them out and we went to the Tampines branch. Didn’t buy anything as it was crazy crowded. Hard to make your way around too as everyone had trollies loaded.

The traditional Swedish Christmas straw goat. But interestingly when B checked, it’s made in China.

There were these brown paper bags with a charming nordic Santa. For roasted chestnuts perhaps?

The most of the Christmas decorations including the Christmas trees, are at the exit checkout counter.

The Christmas tree decorations were charmingly nordic too.

The tiny red sleighs made me squeal with delight on the inside.

Little red breast robins too.

Loved the musical score glasses too.

And the laminated paper santa coasters. Too pretty to spoil with wet glasses.

Magical fairy tale like table settings.

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