Hediard: Another Favourite Spot of Mine

Some things you can’t quite explain, but I like the vibe at Hediard in spite of the prices. Just my second time here but I’m charmed by the place hidden in a quaint little Tudor style building. I know the set that comes with just one egg is a bit of a let down but I still like the service and cosiness of this place.  

I’m biased when it comes to the Tanglin area as it’s one of my favourite streets in Singapore with it’s quiet, in deep contrast to busy Orchard Road just a short walk away. There being no MRT here helps too,  but I don’t mind the walk down. At least it makes me feel less guilty when indulging even though I know the calories I burn are more than filled with the buttery croissants and hot chocolate that reminds me of the ones we got in Paris.

Most of all it feels unpretentious with the lady who gives service with a smile. And we all know what a difference a smile makes. It felt like such a waste when I could not finish the apricot jam and honey which came in the cutest little jars. Very good quality and I was tempted to buy some. B doesn’t like atas places and prefers hawker food but he did mention that the beef cheeks he had was good.  I stuck with the breakfast set as everything else was just too expensive. Much more affordable on a weekday, where the lunch sets are available (note to self).

B liked the fragrant vanilla tea, very much. He preferred it to what he had at TWG.

Perhaps I should have opted for soft boiled as this seemed pathetic and something I could make myself.

Seems to be freshly made blueberry pastel.

A pleasure to look at the tempting good at the Hediard store which is attached to the dining area through a doorway.

The lovely Christmas streets lights decked Tanglin road.

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