New at Liang Court: Omu Rice at Pecori

The basement food court as changed quite a bit. Decided to try a new outlet that sells Omu rice. My conclusion is I’ve had better at Ma Maison. This Omu rice will appeal to kids though with it’s sweet fresh tomato sauce. One good thing – you can help yourself to as much unsweetened iced green tea as you want.

A tad messy, but I wanted to show you what the rice looks like. Especially if you’ve never tried Omu rice before which is basically ketchup rice wrapped in a lovely milky egg omelette.

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6 Responses to New at Liang Court: Omu Rice at Pecori

  1. Liang Court says:

    Dear BookJunkie,

    Great post on our new Omu Rice eatery at Liang Court’s MEIDI-YA. Glad you enjoyed the food.

    As a token of appreciation for your support, we’ve prepared a goodie bag specially for you.

    Do get in touch with us via for your collection.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Thanks so much for the kind gesture. Just wish I wasn’t so shy about accepting gifts etc…..since I’m blogging anonymously. But really appreciate the thought.

      It’s no secret that Liang Court is one of my favourite malls but I didn’t quite enjoy the Omu rice as I think it’s more for kids. But I did love the new place with the cream puffs. Awesome that there is a little Japan in Singapore and wish there were even more Japanese eateries in your mall. Would be cool if every single shop there had something from Japan.

      • Liang Court says:

        Dear Bookjunkie,

        Thank you for your feedback (on the Omu Rice & our tenant mix). We truly appreciate your support in Liang Court and rest assured, our team is working hard to improve the “Little Japan” experience within the mall.

        Noted that you’re shy on accepting gifts. =P However, we’ve got our Christmas goodie bag reserved for your collection at Customer Service, and you are free to drop by any time during our Christmas promotion to collect it.

        It’s been our pleasure to have gotten in touch with you.

        Hope you have an enjoyable Christmas and New Year!

        Warmest regards,
        Liang Court

        • bookjunkie says:

          So glad to hear that 🙂 Happy that the feedback is taken positively….. hope the place becomes less of the usual humdrum kinda mall seen in Singapore ( I write about it because I was attracted by it’s uniqueness and because I my love for everything Japanese) and more like a retreat into ‘Little Japan’ 🙂

          Everytime I come here it makes me want to visit Japan 🙂 At least I get a taste of some of the lovely products from Hokkaido at your supermarket.

  2. Alkiva says:

    Hi, the tea they provide for free, Mugi-cha, isn’t green tea actually. It’s roasted barley tea 😀

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