A Walk at Katong: Chin Mee Chin Coffee & Cake Shop

A long overdue post about Chin Mee Chin the old famous coffee shop at Katong. It is pretty sweet with it’s old style decor but I wasn’t impressed by the offerings. I would come here just for the decor and awesome feeling of nostalgia. When we were in Malaysia, B commented that in Malaysia old coffee-shops were everywhere, but in Singapore we have preserved so little of the old that one coffee shop like this is very much treasured. One thing Singapore does nicely is keep everything clean and that’s something I appreciate. You’ll hardly see dirty puddles of water or potholes here in Singapore.

Old mosaic tiles give me such a lovely feeling of my childhood and especially of my grandmother’s house.

But I did prefer this style of toast to the new fangled thin kaya toast that became all the rage.

Would have been sweet if they served old style butter cakes with jam toppings. The pastries, if I’m to be honest – nothing to rave about. Have had better.


Also not many seats at the cafe so I think that’s the reason for the queue. But it was nice to walk around and see the sights at Katong. Here is the authentic Peranakan restaurant that you must try.

Red rambutans always make me excited. My favourite childhood fruit besides the durian. Somehow they just go together.

Had Char Siew Rice here that wasn’t very good but the coffeeshop looked authentic and that’s why we stopped here.

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