Christmas Owls at Liang Court

Liang Court always manages to delight me. Loving the Christmas owl decor. I’m quite biased as I tend to love everything Japanese. Think I’m not alone though.

liangcourtxmasowl2012 - 53394

liangcourtxmasowl2012 - 53393

liangcourtxmasowl2012 - 53395

And of course, I always have to make a stop at my favourite bookstore in Singapore.

liangcourtxmasowl2012 - 53396

As usual there’s always something new cropping up. We were excited to spot Shakey’s. Used to be around in the 80’s and I recall liking the pizza. Wonder if I will still like it.

liangcourtxmasowl2012 - 53397

It’s impossible to be on a diet here. The swiss rolls and ice cream and all the products flown in from Hokkaido (known for it’s fantastic milk products) were enticing me big time.

liangcourtxmasowl2012 - 53398

Had Japanese curry rice for lunch. Don’t know why I opted for the potato croquette even though it was good. Too much starch though and I was already pretty full. Wish they would give free iced water but they only give you tap.

liangcourtxmasowl2012 - 53399

liangcourtxmasowl2012 - 53405

liangcourtxmasowl2012 - 53400

The supermarket is just so clean and pretty. Other supermarkets are not as pristine somehow.

liangcourtxmasowl2012 - 53401

Oh wow, Fudge.

liangcourtxmasowl2012 - 53402

I was majorly enticed by the household products like this small sandwich maker.

liangcourtxmasowl2012 - 53403

liangcourtxmasowl2012 - 53404

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2 Responses to Christmas Owls at Liang Court

  1. Tabea says:

    Not quite sure what you meant by ‘Wish they would give free iced water but they only give you tap.’

    Surely the free water, by definition, comes from the tap. So they already give you free (tap) water but you just wish that the free (tap) water comes with added ice?

    From what I hear, some Singapore restaurants can really take the piss when it comes to water provision. I heard of one Chinese restaurant that charges $3 for tap water – and no, it doesn’t even come with ice.

    • bookjunkie says:

      LOL…yeah I was just being finicky. Most places in Singapore give you tap water from the fridge with ice added. And usually they add lemon to give it an even better taste. Guess I’ve been spoilt 😉 Those that charge S$3…just terrible.

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