St Marc Cafe: Strawberry Milk Parfait

I see myself frequenting St Marc a lot. Well if it’s not too crowded. I love their parfaits. The Yuzu tea was way too sweet (it’s Yuzu jam with hot water added) but at least there is free chilled water you can help yourself to. I wanted to try the chocolate croissant which is supposed to be the hot item but after I saw the parfaits I caved and got that instead. My last time here I tried the chocolate banana one. And I didn’t want to have two sweet things so chose the egg and cheese croissant instead. The croissant was very much like what you can get at the French inspired Korean Cafe, Paris Baguette. A very soft bread, not like the chewy doughy croissants I prefer.

stmarcvivo2012 - 53436

stmarcvivo2012 - 53434

stmarcvivo2012 - 53435

stmarcvivo2012 - 53437

stmarcvivo2012 - 53438

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