Why I Prefer Chili’s to TGI Friday’s

The service at Chili’s (Tanglin mall) was a lot more professional and they seem to be well trained. There’s a young girl there who is particularly welcoming and bubbly.

Also, they serve you chilled ice water but TGI Friday’s (branch at Katong 112) didn’t, just tap water. I know I’m being finicky, but the chilled water at Chili’s tasted a whole lot better.

The pulled pork burger at Chili’s is so good. But when it comes to ribs I really liked the Jack Daniel’s ribs BBQ sauce at Fridays although B found it too sweet. In terms of the meat, both I recall as very tender. The ceasar salad at Chili’s was too soaked in salad dressing. I should have asked for slightly less dressing. The margarita was very generous in terms of size. It’s 3 times the usual size I’m used to and it was hard for me to finish.

chillis2012 - 53429

chillis2012 - 53430

chillis2012 - 53431

chillis2012 - 53432

chillis2012 - 53433

Here are the photos I took at TGI Friday’s. The wait staff were polite but not as polished. Chilli’s service at the Tanglin branch (apart from the sucky service at the Sentosa branch) was better.

katong112tgifriday - 53376

katong112tgifriday - 53380

katong112tgifriday - 53379

katong112tgifriday - 53378

katong112tgifriday - 53377

Well I could always change my mind if in the future Friday’s improves or vice versa. I never say never.

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