New Mall: 100 AM at 100 Tras Street

I don’t like malls but I like coming across new ones. Decided to check out 100 AM which is the former Amara Shopping Complex which is connected to Amara Hotel. Here’s a link to the directory (for my own future reference).

It was packed with office folk. Once the office crowd left it looked nice clean white and spacious – a lot more peaceful minus all the rushing people. The design reminded me of Liang Court which I like as well. The bummer – parking here is expensive. Came up to 9 bucks to B’s dismay.

100amzoo - 53759

100amzoo - 53758

100amzoo - 53757

100amzoo - 53726

100amzoo - 53725

100amzoo - 53724

100amzoo - 53723

100amzoo - 53722

100amzoo - 53721

100amzoo - 53720

100amzoo - 53719

100amzoo - 53718

100amzoo - 53717

100amzoo - 53716

100amzoo - 53715

100amzoo - 53714

100amzoo - 53713

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3 Responses to New Mall: 100 AM at 100 Tras Street

  1. Corsage says:

    Looks like it has a lot of eateries! I wonder if the old clothing shops are still there on the upper floors? I remember there used to be some unique clothing buys a couple of years ago.

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