Okada Coffee: Japanese Speciality Coffee Place at 100 AM

A new speciality Japanese coffee place at 100 AM mall (the former Amara Hotel Shopping Centre). I had the Guatemala Blue Lake which cost S$8.50 (pretty steep). Pleasant place to sit down for a coffee and we were greeted outside with a warm welcome as they ushered in new patrons (think they just opened). B liked the matcha cake (disappeared in no time), but I don’t really like matcha products (a bit bitter for me) so I can’t judge. I didn’t find it much different from TCC which I like for brewed coffee, but this place feels more comfortable somehow. And another thing I liked was the whipped cream instead of just milk. I don’t know why but TCC has weird uncomfortable modern looking chairs that are bad for my back. I tend to judge a place based on their seating.

100amzoo - 53755

100amzoo - 53754

100amzoo - 53753

100amzoo - 53752

100amzoo - 53751

100amzoo - 53750

100amzoo - 53749

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  1. I’m ok for now, came back from France with loads of Nespresso coffee capsules and chocolate (Lindt of course 😉 ) so won’t be having coffee or sweet stuff out of home. Horribly jetlagged though so Little India is calling me for breakfast!

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