CNY2013: I Could Not Take the Scorching Heat at Chinatown

The blinding glare of the sun and the heat combined to give me a splitting headache, but the abundance of light made for great photos. I was wondering how the tourists from cold climates could bear this. I must prefer the other time we explored the place at night after the rain. So cool and nice in contrast.

Walked along the back of the Chinatown Complex this time, where it happens to be shaded. It has a little gate to Chinatown that B told me you can find in Chinatowns all over the world. It’s just that ours is a bit hidden. Lots of interesting old shops here selling things like teapots and traditional thermos flasks which came me a flashback to the 70’s.

Also he was telling me about how everyone was complaining about the box lanterns and how this is bad luck. I think round is supposed to be lucky hence the shape of the lanterns? Also I must admit in the day time the red boxes don’t look as attractive has they do all lit up at night. The red snake head is also hard to make out.

cny2013hotchinatown - 55045

cny2013hotchinatown - 55046

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7 Responses to CNY2013: I Could Not Take the Scorching Heat at Chinatown

  1. christo varghese says:

    Ohh, my favorite in all of Singapore “Chinatown”; (it is calling me through your photos) . Yes it is crowded and when its hot there really is no respite from the heat. But there are the restaurants selling cheap beer and delicious coconut water straight from the coconut (not sure if it is a seasonal thing though).

    • bookjunkie says:

      I think during Chinese New Year you get more of those coconuts. Am hankering for one now. But you can also get them at the supermarket sometimes…they are thai coconuts – tiny ones (tend to be sweeter).

  2. germanglobetrotter says:

    eeewwwwww!!!!! kinda of “worried” about the heat now. It’s below zero here, so imagine the temp. diff. Going to be needing at least 6 coconuts for the visit there. Chinatown is the first place i’ll visit the moment i dump my luggage at the hotel! p/s: i see claypots n coffee grinder but nothing beats the coin-phone – can’t live without them these days! LOL!!!!!

  3. verena says:

    I didn’t know about the significance of the box lanterns but one night while my friends and I drove along Eu Tong Sen Road, someone mentioned too about how people were complaining about the square lanterns of the red snake. But it does look quite pretty at night when it’s lit. I haven’t seen the yellow snake at night, but during the day I thought its “face” appeared friendlier than the red one!

  4. delphine says:

    Where’s that shop with all the claypots and stuff? At Chinatown Complex?

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