CNY2013: Chinese New Year at Kallang Leisure Park

A bit subdued here but still nice to see the decorations up. Each mall is different so it’s still interesting to check out and I found out that you can buy dragon puppets here at Kallang Leisure Park. I quite like this mall for the very fact that it can be pretty quiet at times.

cny2013kallangleisureparkmyvillage - 55025

cny2013kallangleisureparkmyvillage - 55024

cny2013kallangleisureparkmyvillage - 55023

cny2013kallangleisureparkmyvillage - 55022

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2 Responses to CNY2013: Chinese New Year at Kallang Leisure Park

  1. germanglobetrotter says:

    gees, just how MANY malls are there in Singapore???? 😀

    • bookjunkie says:

      loads and loads….hahah…..I am not a shopper but since I’m brought here I take pictures to blog. I am more a sit at a cafe, have coffee and read kinda person.

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