CNY2013: My Village has the Prettiest Chinese New Year Decorations

I just love the pink flowers and the sparkly lights. This mall always has a bit of class. I think the fact that it is owned by two brothers (twins I believe) and not a huge corporation makes a huge difference and I think they have great taste.

cny2013kallangleisureparkmyvillage - 55042

cny2013kallangleisureparkmyvillage - 55041

cny2013kallangleisureparkmyvillage - 55040

cny2013kallangleisureparkmyvillage - 55039

cny2013kallangleisureparkmyvillage - 55038

cny2013kallangleisureparkmyvillage - 55037

cny2013kallangleisureparkmyvillage - 55036

cny2013kallangleisureparkmyvillage - 55035

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4 Responses to CNY2013: My Village has the Prettiest Chinese New Year Decorations

  1. christo varghese says:

    it looks very elegant with no over the top snake decorations (which i do like too) but nice to know there are options like this too

  2. germanglobetrotter says:

    The lightings are very similar to the ones we had during the Festival of Lights in Berlin only ours was on a little bit more pompous! The decorations are really pretty. p/s: At first i was going to ask “which village do you come from?”, n then i re-read n figured out that “MY VILLAGE” is the name of the mall… i’m right, am i not? 🙂

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