7 Million?

While the world tries to reduce it’s population increase, we seem to be going in the opposite direction? 6.9 million in 2030? Lets just say 7. I like to round up numbers and don’t even like sales with prices like $9.90 (just make it $10). I’m talking about the paper on Singapore’s future population. Rather depressing.

I am keen for diversity but not keen on making an overcrowded country even more crowded. Our infrastructure seems to be breaking already.

When I was a kid in school I learnt that our population was 2.4 million and back then I thought that was a lot. That was when they were trying to reduce our population with the 2 is enough policy. But back then life was sweeter. I never really felt that Singapore was too crowded but these days I feel claustrophobic when in the train or in a mall. I write this blog to distract myself as I am sure many Singaporeans use blogging as a kind of recreation.

We had less of a global warming problem – Singapore’s temperature seems to be gone up by a couple of degrees. I recall wearing cardigans in Singapore in the 70’s because it actually felt cold with the temperatures around 23 degrees. You hardly get that these days and instead when outside it’s a scorching 37 I think.

Also about the population, I didn’t scrutinize the papers but there seems to be a lot of backtracking since the white paper was released saying it’s not a target or projection (I hope so). We all want a better quality of life here and I just can’t image a better life with such a great increase in population on such a tiny island. Just feels like we are breaking at the seams. I will admit that Singapore has become very vibrant and buzzing but I don’t believe in growth at all costs. I pity the children who will grow up in such an overly competitive environment. I already hate the workplace which is filled with awful office politics with overly aggressive people. This always happens when there is too little for too many. Not that Singaporeans are a particularly bad lot. They all seem to be just trying to survive.

I could be wrong on many counts but these are just my disconnected thoughts for the day. Didn’t feel like talking about food again.

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12 Responses to 7 Million?

  1. Mel says:

    Feel the same way too!

  2. GingerBaker says:

    You should blog about food, and drink, particularly water.
    Now where are those going to come from to cater to 2
    million more?

    I suspect we should hit the 7m target by 2025 absolute
    latest. Things will go out of control till 2030, and there
    will be another apology.

    BTW, you and your family may want to bear in mind tt
    all that extra land and facilities will be ready earliest
    2030. When the extra 2 million or so will be already here.
    Where will we accommodate them meanwhile?

    So all the crush you’re feeling now will be Nothing to what
    you experience in 3 yrs time, when it will be Much worse, esp
    as none of the infrastructure for 5.3million will be ready then…

  3. JamesL says:

    I live in Hong Kong (population 7mln) and the quality of life is crap. The streets are so overcrowed there is no place to move. Noise pollution (from jack hammers and pile driving construction sites, roadworks, 365 days apartments re-decorations, the worse being taxis honking 24/7 after midnight) over whelms the senses. HK is a concrete jungle and rat race – My search for precious moments of pure peace and quiet is like looking for hens teeth. The constant search for perpetual economic growth thru a larger population based model is flawed and is a big mistake.

  4. sosos says:

    I am not happy about this. How much crowded should it become? This is sad and I cannot imagine staying here long term though I am a foreigner

  5. verena says:

    Some months ago I was talking to a colleague from Europe, and she told me in Finland, they have a total population of 5m. And I told her that’s the number we have in Singapore and she was shocked.

    Infrastructure aside, I think we already have a shortage of space, whether it is on public transport, in public areas and especially housing! There is always talk that we Singaporeans are guilty of xenophobia, but they must understand why this is so. We can’t wish for fellow Singaporeans to leave, and also our foreign friends maybe some who have become family. But definitely there has to be a limit to the new ones who they are getting in!

    • bookjunkie says:

      yes I think it’s unfair that they accuse everyone of xenophobia in all instances (it’s an easy cop out for those in charge). Our frustration is more directed at the increasing price of everything and just the claustrophobia of too many people in a concrete jungle. Most of us have lots of foreign friends and we welcome them and I actually love the diversity of true multiculturalism. My best work experiences were with colleagues from other countries.

  6. Xmen says:

    You mentioned something about rising temperature in Singapore. I believe it has to do with more buildings and more air-conditioning. Yes, air-conditioning can increase the city’s temperature. Pretty soon, everyone will install air-conditioners because of the heat and that further increases the temperature!

    Of course, noise pollution is getting worse but locals are getting used to it.

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