Remember when Adrien Brody Kissed Halle Berry?

Just had to relive this touching Oscar moment. I’m a huge fan of Adrien Brody and I wish all speeches could be this genuine and witty as well. Watching it again I couldn’t help but feel touched. Watched The Pianist twice and would watch it again. Just need to be mentally prepared because it is quite an emotionally draining journey to watch sad movies based on actual human suffering. But the ending made it worthwhile.


And this is a case for never going under the knife. I can’t imagine Brody without his distinctive nose. I think he’s very handsome. So many celebrities destroy their beautiful unique features with plastic surgery and it’s tragic that they feel a need to look like everyone else – or what’s the so-called current standard of beauty as dictated by magazines and photoshopped cover pages. Here are some photoshopped images toying with the idea if these actors decided to go under the knife and I think they all look better in the before pictures so luckily they didn’t.

Oh yes, Brody was also the youngest best actor at just 29.

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  1. Agnes says:

    I love Brody too. Did you watch The Brothers Bloom? 🙂

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