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Remember when Adrien Brody Kissed Halle Berry?

Just had to relive this touching Oscar moment. I’m a huge fan of Adrien Brody and I wish all speeches could be this genuine and witty as well. Watching it again I couldn’t help but feel touched. Watched The Pianist … Continue reading

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Kevin Costner’s Heartfelt Goodbye to his Friend Whitney Houston

Touched me to the core and I just had to share the full eulogy here. [youtube]2wjh0N1EzPI[/youtube]

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NTU Valedictorian Trinetta Chong’s Speech and the F-Word

When I was attending my convocation, back in the 90’s, I didn’t even want to be there. The whole thing seemed like such a drag, and it was. I don’t think we even had a valedictorian. I was just bored … Continue reading

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Mr Chiam See Tong (30 April, Potong Pasir Rally)

[youtube]LKnosASSnlY[/youtube] I have so much respect for this man and it’s so obvious that he really cares. His humility really wins me over and he really listens to the crowd. He is very witty as well and even discusses how … Continue reading

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People with a Heart: Michelle Lee & Vincent Wijeysingha (SDP)

[youtube]Z6UqE6Ecb7E[/youtube] Michelle feels that working with children rather than money, infinitely more fulfilling. This RGS girl is not an elitist. I like her. [youtube]VZoPH5N2lPU[/youtube] Vincent talks to another Singaporean. Sometimes I think I have blinders on. Especially when I watch … Continue reading

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SPP Rally Video: Mr Chiam See Tong’s Awe Inspiring Speech

I am always deeply moved when Mr Chiam See Tong speaks. No one who has suffered a stroke would ever work this hard or be this motivated and driven. No doubt that he loves the people of Singapore. He said … Continue reading

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When the Words Get Stuck

I wish I could express myself better. I would make the worst lawyer or debater. I just know from my gut instinct what is right, but I am unable to clearly argue my position. I stammer and stutter. It’s not … Continue reading

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