The Allure of Junk Food in Singapore

Why is it so hard to stick to a healthier diet. Well they do say that junk food can be an addiction as well, similar to crack cocaine stimulating pleasure centers in the brain. They say that about video games as well and I can attest to that. Usually for me the only thing that works is going cold turkey but once the item of temptation is placed within my reach, I just can’t resist. I feel so weak.

This past week I have been feeling very guilty indulging in burgers and pizza. I would say the burger was totally worth it. But the problem is that even though it was heavenly digging into them and relishing the melted cheese and divine bacon, shortly after, about half an hour later, I didn’t feel so good. I guess that’s when the saturated fat hit my system. It was even worse with the pizza and sweet desserts. My blood sugar went crazy and I felt extremely sluggish.

Hesitated talking about this. Feel so ashamed, but hope that writing it down will make me more accountable and aware. And the crazy thing is after discovering the new Shakey’s at Liang Court, I kinda regretted not trying out the new Udon place instead. The Udon there is advertised to be imported from Japan and there was tons of Japanese patrons queuing up so I’m sure it must have been good and I don’t think a bowl of udon would have made me feel this lethargic. Also it would be something new to blog about.

Am including pictures to show you how tempting it all was. Please share how you feel about food? I will also confess that I tend to comfort eat quite a bit. And eat for entertainment when I’m bored. I am very aware of all my bad habits. And yes – I cannot resist melted cheese and bacon. That combination makes everything taste better. Am I right?

Temptation #1 this week: Triple O’s at Star Vista

tripleoburger2013 - 56395

tripleoburger2013 - 56397

tripleoburger2013 - 56398

Temptation #2 this week: Shakey’s at Liang Court

I have to say that service was excellent though. They kept topping up our iced water without us even asking. And it was free and we were not compelled to order sweet drinks.

liangcourt2013pizza - 56402

liangcourt2013pizza - 56401

liangcourt2013pizza - 56400

liangcourt2013pizza - 56399

Temptation #3 this week: Dulcet & Studio at Liang Court

liangcourt2013pizza - 56407

liangcourt2013pizza - 56406

Wish I had chosen this instead: Tamoya – New Udon restaurant at Liang Court

liangcourt2013pizza - 56405

liangcourt2013pizza - 56404

liangcourt2013pizza - 56403

I don’t know if this counts as healthy but I just love the avacado drink at Alexandra Hawker Centre. Lots of vitamin E I guess but it tastes so good (so lots of gula melaka as well).

avacadojuice2013 - 56384

The breakdown which kinda shocked me (especially the pizza) and pleased me (caramel custard pudding not as bad as I imagined):

4 slices of medium original crust pizza: 1120 calories

chicken burger with bacon and cheese: 700 calories

iced latte: 200 calories

caramel custard: 150 calories

avacado milkshake: 300 calories

bowl of udon: 256 calories

Breaking it down like this will allow me to spend my calories on indulgences that are truly worth it. But my favourite meal these days are the absolutely tasty as well as super healthy sandwiches my aunt prepares. She just has a knack for making everything taste good. In addition to those meals tasting great, I feel fantastic the whole day, light and full of energy. Zero sluggishness as compared to the weekends when I cave in and have junk food.

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4 Responses to The Allure of Junk Food in Singapore

  1. My temptations are more on the potato side (my Irish origins shining through there!) Utterly addicted to potatoes, especially if deep fried. I like deep fried things. And yes, occasionally feel shame. However, feeling a bit better after resisting McDonalds as a quick fix yesterday and going for dosai. Not especially healthy, but surely better for the number of calories compared to fast food? My blog post is here:

    But yes, my triggers aren’t cheese or bacon, but deep fried things including mostly potatoes. A sucker for all the Indian snacks like samosas or pakoras, or vadais, as you can probably tell from my blog 🙂

    I especially feel it when I need comfort food as I have this week due to stress / emotional things. I did manage to avoid buying fries on Friday and instead roasted some potatoes myself, having parboiled them, using a lot less oil than a fast food joint would, and I controlled which oil (mix of sunflower and olive oil)

    • bookjunkie says:

      It’s comforting to know I’m not the only one who turns to food for emotional reasons…it’s like the best friend ever huh 😉

      I used to love thick french fries (fluffy on the inside) but since I stopped I don’t crave them as much anymore. I do love my paper masala thosais but I tend to feel bloated after. But I soon forget the bloated feeling and for it again 😉

  2. carrotoh says:

    I love triple O’s burgers! Do you know that the boss is a young chap who sits at a corner just outside the kitchen?

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