Water to Calm the Spirit

Rather calming to sit beside an aquarium. Or a fountain and listen to the splash of the water. Makes you focus on something else and life doesn’t seem so heavy in that moment. Water has that effect on our spirits. The movement, the sound, the colour. I love it.

katong112easter2013 - 56528

katong112easter2013 - 56527

katong112easter2013 - 56526

katong112easter2013 - 56525

The aquarium experience was at the Vietnamese Coffee Place at the basement of Katong 112, while the fountain one was at the new Maison Kayser at Wheelock. I have to mention that the bacon soup was really yummy. The french toast tuna sandwiches not too much. Arrived too early and got cold. Found it a tad too oily so that was a poor option.

Easterwheelockion2013 - 56532

Easterwheelockion2013 - 56534

Easterwheelockion2013 - 56533

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  1. Danielle says:

    I agree with water being soothing, I don’t think I could live anywhere not by the coast anymore. I loved it in Nice where we could wander along the sea, especially on a windy day when there would actually be waves! (Very rare in nice, the water is pond like usually). 🙂

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