Easter Eggs in Singapore

I wanted to soak in more of Easter in Singapore but Easter is not as commercialized as Christmas is, so the decorations seem to be few and far between. I get excited when I do see some displays like at M&S at Wheelock (which I still refer to by it’s old name – St Michael’s). I find that the quality of chocolate here is the best. If I have to indulge in chocolate it has to be from here. The huge chocolate Easter Eggs looked enticing with their intricate lace designs, but very expensive too.

Easterwheelockion2013 - 56545

Easterwheelockion2013 - 56544

There were also some decorations at the new gourmet supermarket at ION but it was all rather tame (in a commercial sense). No huge bunnies around and no easter egg decorations in abundance. Just at a small corner usually.

Easterwheelockion2013 - 56535

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