Haven’t Tried Laduree Yet as the Queue was Closed (& A Tea Salon Might Come After All)

We were dismayed that there was no dining in concept, just take away. That totally zaps the fun out of it. (5 May: just learnt that Laduree will open a tea room perhaps in a year or two but I feel so impatient after all the hype I’ve heard about it)

I’ve never been to Laduree in Paris but D has and she feels the macarons are the best in the world and the cafe was so pretty and out of this world too.

We both felt that we might be disappointed by the offering in Singapore due to the varying weather and we also wondered how freshly made the macarons are. Still one day we’ll try it.

The store is rather pretty and enticing, but it would be sweet not to have to queue and for the initial euphoria to die out. It was also a bit hard to find. It’s not inside the Takashimaya department store but nearer to the Ngee Ann City side, pretty close to all the designer stores on the street level, like Chanel.

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2 Responses to Haven’t Tried Laduree Yet as the Queue was Closed (& A Tea Salon Might Come After All)

  1. Julia says:

    Laduree macarons aren’t freshly made in Singapore. They have a central kitchen in Switzerland that makes and supplies to Laduree outlets outside France, eg Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore. The macarons are blast frozen. So yes, what we’re getting here are de-frosted macarons.

    That said, I’m still curious to try them. Maybe after the queues die out. 🙂

    • bookjunkie says:

      oh no…that kinda sounds like airplane food that’s frozen and reheated. But yeah I’m curious too.

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