Tsuru-koshi at IMM

This is so great. I don’t have to queue for this at the Takashimaya basement any more. A great Japanese food option at IMM and I love the mini udon option for S$4.

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  1. Kann Chia says:

    Hi, by chance i found that there was a link between your old blog and my current, and i wondered why. anyway, i had randomly browsed your old blog and came across the comment about the character of bill murray being trapped in groundhog day for a year before snapping out of that routine. although it didn’t cross my mind to count the number of days he was being trapped, it surely didn’t feel like one year. i would presume it to be somewhere 4 or 5 years perhaps. and so i tried to suss out what others think:-

    this may interest you

    and the treat is here (reply from Harold Allen Ramis, the writer/director of groundhog day)

    😉 cheers!

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