Tiong Bahru Bakery: Orange Croissant & Latte

My idea of what makes a mall good is the availability of a nice cafe with decent coffee and pastries. Lucky for me the Raffles City mall has a Tiong Bahru bakery where I could linger over an orange croissant and an iced latte.

Although the latte was a bit bitter, I didn’t have to add sugar and it wasn’t dilute like what you would get at the Starbucks. And the croissant was nice & fluffy on the inside although too flaky on the outside you tend to make a mess. Almost as good as what I get at Gastronomia Da Paolo. And best of all the sweet orange bits.

The place is spacious too and there was no problem getting a seat. You can help yourself to tap water, butter and jam. Service is just mediocre though. Not warm, polite and inviting which is my idea of top notch service.

So if you’re in Singapore and need a shopping break, this is one place to head to with the mall connected to City Hall MRT.


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