I Don’t Know Much About New Orleans

If I’ve never travelled somewhere, there’s just a vague picture of it in my mind based on what I’ve seen on TV or read in a book. If it’s not a huge city like New York for instance, and a place hardly featured on Singapore TV and never mentioned in books I’ve read, then the image is even hazier. But in a way it’s great not to have been everywhere as some places retain their mystery and wonder for me.

I’m pretty embarrassed to say that when you mention New Orleans all I know is jazz, Hurricane Katrina, the work Brad Pitt was doing with the rebuilding and architecture, gumbo and perhaps good pork ribs? I also imagined the place to be swelteringly hot.

I searched a bit online and now I know that NOLA stands for New Orleans Louisiana. (I’m really revealing my ignorance here.) I guess like the people who think Singapore is a city in China? There is also lots to see like the French Quarter, Old Plantations with huge oak trees and swamps filled with crocodiles. And I had no clue beignets (a kind of doughnut with lots of icing sugar on top made fresh) existed and how much I am now craving for one.

New Orleans is the largest city in Louisiana. It’s culturally fascinating with influences from Europe, the Caribbean and Africa. I guess, it’s a melting pot like Singapore.

According to accuweather, it’s not as hot as I imagined. Right now it’s pretty lovely and cool by Singapore standards. Early May temperatures are still under 30 but things heat up mid May onwards. It’s no wonder that high season is February to May. August is the hottest month at about 33 degrees and the coolest, January with 17 degree highs (that’s the time I would pick). August and September I would avoid due to the heat and potential hurricanes. If you search online, Hurricane Season is stated to be from June to November.


I’ll do more research and perhaps post a few links of interesting sites. The more research I do the more I want to go myself.

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  1. One of my favorite cities in the world. I’ve been 4 times, but still find something new to see every time. My last trip (and the only one I had a digital camera for) was with Ravi in December 2007. If you want to see our photos, go here https://www.flickr.com/photos/crystaln/sets/72157603670143176

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