Dan Dan Mian & Dumplings at Crystal Jade

Wanted to try the Xiao Long Bao and Dan Dan Mian at Crystal Jade to compare it with what I’ve been having at paradise Dynasty. I prefer the texture of the noodles at paradise dynasty, but I prefer the soupier version of the Sichuan Noodles here. Went to the Xiao Long Bao and La Mien branch at Ngee Ann City Level 4. The Xiao Long Bao here is one of the best I’ve had – so much of soup it it – you have to be careful not to spill it on yourself.

I’m seriously getting addicted to handmade noodles.

Just for the record, I’m not fond of Din Tai Fung and would rather go to Imperial Treasure, Crystal Jade or Paradise Dynasty. I noticed that on previous occasions we queued for ages outside Din Tai Fung only to find that when we were finally let in, there were so many empty tables. Crystal Jade and Imperial Treasure on the other hand always seem to be truly packed to the gills. I guess the people know what they want.

Also for the record I have to add that my mum, sister, cousin etc. love Din Tai Fung.




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