For Anyone Who Has Felt They Don’t Fit In

That’s me all the time. That I don’t fit in or don’t measure up in this world. That no one recognises your value. A value you doubt yourself on a daily basis. Perhaps there’s a planet out there where I do belong, and wonderful like minded folk could join me.  Folks who have been rejected for being true to themselves, true to their values, in spite of the disdain it might bring.

This song by Mindy Gledhill made me tear as it encapsulates how I feel right now. Hope it will make you feel not so alone, not so dejected, if something has brought you down today. If you think you’re weird, maybe it’s a good thing – weird and wonderful. There’s so much more to you than the material world’s classifications.

Besides the compelling lyrics, her voice is just so sweet, magical and soothing.

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2 Responses to For Anyone Who Has Felt They Don’t Fit In

  1. tien says:

    Hi, i miss your postings. Do come back from the planet..

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