The Worst Part of Cancer

The worst part is definitely a sense of loosing your independence and not being able to do what you used to.

I feel it most painfully in the simple things like not being able to carry my nieces or run around and play more actively with them like I used to or see them as much as I used to. It’s my biggest sense of loss. Especially considering how time flies and they will soon be four and not three anymore. Loosing my hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, even my womb, all pale in comparison to the aching in my heart when I miss my little loves.

The cancer doesn’t depress me, but what it took away from me does.

I hope things get better after I’m done with chemo and radiation. Hoping that I can truly celebrate and be happy when my birthday comes in November. Yes, I’m a Scorpio girl with cancer.

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