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My Niece Made Me So Happy Today

One of my nieces read my blog for the first time today. It feels momentous to me so I have to make a record of it here. To protect her privacy, I’m not mentioning her name. (Although they both have … Continue reading

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Grateful for My Cousins

When I see my nieces with their cousins, it makes my heart swell. I want them to be close all their lives, like they are right now, and have beautiful memories like I do. My childhood was not easy due … Continue reading

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I’m blessed with the best little angels and always want to take the time to record my deep gratitude. If one day they ever read this, I want them to know how much they mean to me. Actually at every … Continue reading

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#3. Simple Joys – Riddle from Little Niece

Honestly the highlight of my whole day. Anything they do automatically makes my heart sing. Here’s a riddle: A grandmother, two mothers and two daughters went to a café. Each of them ordered a cup of coffee. How many cups … Continue reading

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Great Week

Been having a great week. I think it’s because my double operation wounds (hysterectomy followed by laparoscopic surgery) are healing. Previously I had to start chemo before the wounds had completely healed so was in a lot of pain and … Continue reading

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Best Day in Months

Visited my Aunt, Uncle and nieces today and felt so much joy and love it was indescribable. I was on cloud nine. Energized me so much that chemo fatigue was truly non existent. The innocence, pure love and exuberance of … Continue reading

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The Worst Part of Cancer

The worst part is definitely a sense of loosing your independence and not being able to do what you used to. I feel it most painfully in the simple things like not being able to carry my nieces or run … Continue reading

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Thanks for Sticking By

I have been tardy with the blogging due to lack of inspiration. I’m an all or nothing person. When I do something I tend to go all out, and when I stop I just go to zilch. I need to … Continue reading

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Time is Precious

I haven’t been writing from the heart. Being afraid of revealing too much and loosing my privacy. Writing from the heart is what comes naturally to me so that’s why I’ve been having writer’s block. It’s a self imposed state. … Continue reading

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Do You Have a Hard Time Saying No?

This is not a motivational post that offers solutions. I can’t offer any solutions as I have a hard time saying no myself. The worse thing ever is a guilt trip. I often wish guilt trips wouldn’t work so easily … Continue reading

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My Darling Nieces

Love my nieces beyond words. Just one smile from them can last me for days. Even when they are grouchy they are so cute. When they are in distress you just want to make it better. Life is so much … Continue reading

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Being An Aunt

In a world that’s pretty mum centric it can sometimes be lonely to be just the aunt.  But I am so utterly grateful for the chance to be one. Share my thoughts about it here. My own life wouldn’t be … Continue reading

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