Been Reading Inspirational Blogs

Been reading inspirational blogs by women going through the cancer journey, surgery chemo and the whole works. I admire them so much and often their heartfelt posts make me tear. Just want to reach out and have some kind of magic to take away any pain or anxiety they may have.

When I read that they are going through surgery soon I pray that it will go fast and smooth and they get out of hospital soon. To me being hospitalized for almost two weeks was a nightmare as I felt so claustrophobic, controlled and confined by rules, and in ‘jail’. Hopefully the care where they are is much better.

These lovely ladies are a gazillion times braver and stronger than me and some of their journeys are much tougher, with late stage cancer and mastectomies, but they manage to uplift other people through their writing. If you’re a cancer blogger and reading this ….thank you. I know how hard it is to concentrate and upkeep a blog when you’re having fatigue and poor concentration.

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4 Responses to Been Reading Inspirational Blogs

  1. Right on. Sharing the story and the process. Especially the fears. I want you to know, you were one of the first Bloggers I found going down this path. You gave me peace, comfort, and strength, and still do. I think God gave me a glimpse of how He is using me with this. I sat beside a lady yesterday, in the Chemo room, and she looked happy! You don’t see that often there.

    Come to find out, she was on her last leg of treatment. She had heard so many horror stories about Chemo, she went straight for the mastectomy. Her surgeon gently nudged her into Chemo, and it was the best thing that ever could have happened for her! I feel the same way! It’s been the most amazing journey, and I feel better now, than I ever have!

    So….keep telling your story. Even if you don’t feel a need, there is someone out there who needs it. I will continue giving God and Chemo my praise! He needs something to touch us through, and is definitely using this as His tool. I want to be a beacon of light in that Chemo room. Much love to you sista! <3

  2. Anja says:

    Hi there,

    Whenever I go through something, like you I love to read the stories of others who went through the same. It helps a lot.

    And I hate hospitals! I experience them the same way you do.

    Wishing you strength and good luck!

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