Thank You Nalie

I was shocked to see this farewell on my Instagram feed today. One of the saddest things about finding cancer support online is loosing your friends. Knowing someone online can be so powerful, because you kinda know their souls. You connect on a deep level.

It truly didn’t feel real to see this post today because Nalie was so full of life and one of the sweetest, kindest people out there. I just had to honour her and she definitely lives on in our hearts. Took screenshots from her Instagram. If you have been following her too all these years I’m sure you’re shaken as well. She had breast cancer, it recurred and it spread to her brain, but you would never have guessed it the way she lived. She was so cheerful and a burst of energy always. More of her story here.

And Nalie. I just got this affirmation on your brother Justin’s Instagram reel. Feels like you are speaking to me. I’m definitely going to listen more to my own instincts and write from the soul more even if it’s not conventionally perfect.

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