Desperately Researching Cures for Psoriosis

Medical science has pointed out that the environmental factors contribute to stimulation or activation of certain cells in the immune system (psoriasis T-lymphocyte) which are drawn to the skin. These immune cells release certain chemicals (cytokines) which in turn activate the epidermal skin cells to multiply at a faster rate.

Another reason to love Tiktok? It’s where actual psoriosis sufferers share their struggles and treatments. I am so thankful to them as it makes you feel heard and not so isolated. And not like a hypochondriac. That was the way I felt before I was diagnosed with cancer. Years before that I complained of unusual chronic fatigue and brain fog, but it was dismissed.

My story is not an isolated one. A great percentage of patients had their symptoms dismissed.

So I’m here, so your real concerns won’t be dismissed or silenced. We’re in this together. I’m revved up and inspired by cancer and psoriosis advocates. And I want to do more to help. I just have not been helping the community enough.

Environmental factors like physical or chemical injury to the skin, throat infections, reaction to certain drugs, hormonal changes, climate factors and more commonly, physical, mental and emotional stress can precipitate the onset and contribute to the perpetuation of psoriasis.

Intense gratitude towards those brave people who share their trauma, tears and occasional triumphs over flare ups. Even detailing in videos how the conditions disgusts and depresses them. I can so relate and my flare up gets increasingly worse and has started spreading.

What I understand is that stress triggers it. The biggest irony is that the condition itself can stress you out.

They have not found out what causes it. There is no cure as it an autoimmune condition. The immune system is basically perceiving injury to your skin (which is essentially one big organ), so it attacks and the result is layers of skin cells building up, forming plaques, cracking and bleeding and they also itch.

I’m honestly worried about the perceptions and wish I wasn’t so vain. It’s all covered by my clothing now, but it’s spreading to visible areas like my ears and now there’s a spot on my forehead. Been dreading facial psoriasis the most and am praying ardently it won’t spread any further.

My elbow has been aching lately and yes there is arthritic psoriasis as well. I’m hoping it’s not that and just due to some other reason.

Please do comment if you have found anything that works.

I try my very best not to scratch, but in my half asleep state at night, my half conscious mind just can’t stop. I wake up with sore raw skin that burns in the shower. It’s a bit like a sunburn or a rash. Often the skin just peels off. On some parts there is a brown scar. On others a red rash. There are also open wounds due to scratching mostly and cracking plaques.

Does this sound familiar to you? Fellow psoriosis sufferer? Anyway glad you’re here and hope this blog provides a bit of relief in terms of being seen. It’s a condition that is rarely talked about. Thank goodness it’s not contagious. That’s the best news.

But there is hope I think, that steroids that suppress your immune system may work. I’ve also read about controlled red light therapy. Even if it just works for a while I’d be so happy to get that respite.

I’ll keep posting about my journey and share whatever works for me. Even what doesn’t work. I see a ray of hope in my visit to the dermatologist at the end of September. Could only get an appointment then. It’s good cos that means she must be effective and thus popular.

Till then.

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