Psoriosis is Consuming Me

I know it’s tiresome to keep reading about this, but it is the bane of my existence right now.

I couldn’t sleep the whole night. Why? Well, after the bleeding incident, I tried not to touch my scalp psoriosis scales at all. It kinda backfired and my scalp was so numb the whole night. It feels like a giant hand is gripping tight on my scalp and trying to crush it. It’s even pulling my face muscles. Is this what Botox feels like? Well on the bright side perhaps it’s giving me a free face lift, but err no thanks. I can’t even move my scalp at all, it’s that tight.

What I tried today is to apply dermalin immediately after washing it. It’s very greasy (white petroleum jelly), but the scalp feels a bit less tight right now. Less of that awful pulling sensation.

Again I’m trying my best not to touch it no matter how much my brain is crying out for relief.

I have to endure it till my next appointment with the dermatologist in mid January. I hope I don’t loose more hair by then. Very fine baby hairs are coming off with the scales. It’s like a new plant that can’t grow due to the soil being too hard. Or something akin to that.

Oh yes, I also tried diluted apple cider vinegar a couple of days ago, but perhaps I left it on too long and it just left me with a burning sensation and I think made it worse. It does work for many psoriosis patients on the internet though.

I’m tracking my situation hoping one day it will spontaneously heal itself, and I can look upon this as something else that I recovered from. Remission does happen for some, just like in cancer. Or at least the flares subside and you get relief.

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5 Responses to Psoriosis is Consuming Me

  1. I hope, that it is possible for you to get some signifcant relief pretty soon.

    Would calming the mind perhaps help?

    • bookjunkie says:

      Yes actually it would …still trying to find a good therapist in Singapore who I can be comfortable with. Thanks so much for leaving a note Aunty Uta.

  2. Boiling Wok says:

    Sorry to hear that you are suffering from this. Do you think aloe vera gel will help. There are a lot of korean brand with 99% aloe vera. Whenever, I have itchy scalp or skin, I tend to use it to prevent myself from scratching.

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