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Psoriosis is Consuming Me

I know it’s tiresome to keep reading about this, but it is the bane of my existence right now. I couldn’t sleep the whole night. Why? Well, after the bleeding incident, I tried not to touch my scalp psoriosis scales … Continue reading

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Psoriosis Update: December 2022

Blood under my nails from half consciously peeling at my psoriosis plagued skin all night. Mostly my scalp and to my horror I feel a bald spot now. I’m doing this to myself and against my will. My only goal … Continue reading

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Psoriosis November Update

It just keeps getting worse. Red rashes on my knees seem to have appeared overnight and I have red rashes all over my operation scars now. Encroaching onto my face too at the hairline and one on my forehead which … Continue reading

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Psoriosis October Update

It’s getting worse. I’m trying the steroid in lower doses as my lips starting cracking too much and I broke out around my chin earlier. Think the steroids went into my blood stream and I tend to be very sensitive … Continue reading

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My Psoriasis Journey: At My Wits’ End, but Trying to be Zen

I’m going for distraction. Mostly Netflix and phone apps do the trick so well. And writing of course. Doing that on my phone right now. (So thanks Steve). It’s almost comical that the trigger for psoriosis is stress and eliminating … Continue reading

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Truly Frustrated By Sudden Onset And Worsening of Psoriosis

I’ll begin on a positive note. I have found that the moisturiser by Cerave helps me quite a bit. At least it makes the situation less aggravated and calms my skin a little bit. I need to buy more as … Continue reading

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Desperately Researching Cures for Psoriosis

Medical science has pointed out that the environmental factors contribute to stimulation or activation of certain cells in the immune system (psoriasis T-lymphocyte) which are drawn to the skin. These immune cells release certain chemicals (cytokines) which in turn activate … Continue reading

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Long Term Effects of Radiotherapy (Brachytherapy)

Thought I would be fine after brachytherapy (a form of radiotherapy given internally for uterine cancer and in my case an absolute nightmare far worse than chemotherapy). But years after, I’m experiencing radiation burn on the external parts of my … Continue reading

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