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Typical Day in the Life of My Mum in the early 1960’s

She couldn’t recall exactly what time she woke up, but it was to the crowing of the neighbourhood roosters and not an alarm clock. They were extremely loud she said. She ironed her uniform the day before. Once adorned, she … Continue reading

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Ocean Liner Stories from the Past

Had a chat with both my Uncle A and Aunt S since they happened to be there at the same time. They are siblings 7.5 years apart, but the age gap seems to be negligible. Wanted to gain more insight … Continue reading

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Her Grandma was Miss Singapore in 1960

As I was researching about macarons, I stumbled upon gold. A beautiful post by Aliya, a Singapore girl in Perth who writes about her grandma winning the Miss Singapore crown in 1960. The title was Miss Singapore City 1960. The … Continue reading

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