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Pandemic Art?

One fun thing about blogging is that you pay attention to details you may otherwise miss. Makes life more interesting for sure. Like what we saw at the Tekka hawker centre. Due to the pandemic we get a sticker that … Continue reading

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Dum Briyani: Yakader at Tekka Market

Back the millionth time to Yakader at Tekka Market which is a testament to how much we like it. Messy looking, but extremely delicious to us. You can go back to the stall for a top up of the ‘talchar’ … Continue reading

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An Old Favourite: Yakader Briyani at Tekka Market

Somehow the chicken is not as soft as I recall and the curry not as tasty but it’s still one my favourite in Singapore. The ginger milk tea (Teh Alia) at the nearby stall is really good too with a … Continue reading

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A Bit About the History of Tekka Market

Hope you read about one of our oldest markets at White as Milk. I have to confess that as a child I didn’t like coming here as the fresh meat and fish used to stink so bad. I used to … Continue reading

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Rambutans at the Tekka Market Fruit Stalls

I was excited to see rambutans at Tekka Market as they hardly seem to be in season these days. Rambutans and Durian are my favourite fruits. I guess I have to include really good Philippine Mangoes as well, but we … Continue reading

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Appam Specialist at Tekka Market

Appam is a Ceylonese breakfast item that I used to have every Sunday as a child. In English it is called Hoppers.  My uncle used to go to the market to buy them for us and those were so yummy. … Continue reading

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