Omu Rice at Takashimaya

This was something different for me to try, and I found it quite nice actually. The stall was at the Takashimaya basement foodcourt. Omu Rice is a Japanese style tomato rice cooked with mushrooms and neatly covered in a fluffy omlette. It’s served with a tomato and onion sauce. I had Omu Rice with mixed mushrooms and it cost $6.80 The price includes a drink like Yeo’s Iced Green Tea. Quite a refreshing, not too heavy meal. Only thing is that, you have to perch on a bar-like stool which I don’t find very comfortable. Maybe that’s how the tiny stall ensures a fast turnaround.

Thoughts of 2011 Me: It was my first time trying Omu rice and I grew to love it even more. Have had it many more times since, but have not revisited this outlet and wonder if it’s even still around. Probably not I guess. I still loathe perching on tall bar stools. I have no sense of balance, and always feel like I’m going to fall.

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