Angel Bosses and Coworkers

I’ve had my share of wonderful bosses and angelic coworkers. This was way back in the 90’s and early 2000 when people were decent. Sometimes I can’t help but think I was thoroughly spoilt by them and that’s why when my company outsourced and I had to switch jobs, I truly went from heaven to hell. Just wanted to state for the record what makes a great boss and coworker, as I have experienced both. In today’s context they seem a bit unreal. I just wish they could be cloned!

Best Boss (actually a combination of a few great bosses):
1. Makes sure you have a ride back home after a late meeting
2. Offered to fetch you a cup of coffee when he sees you working late
3. Announces that the boss is not always right and is open to everyone’s views
4. Appreciates your hard work and tells you
5. Stands up for the little guy in the office and will not tolerate bullies
6. Does not tolerate office politics
7. Does not play favorites
8. Treats you with dignity
9. Gives clear instructions
10. Earns your respect

Angel Coworker (a combination of a few sweet people):
1. Drops their own pile of work, without you even asking, to help you do mundane stuff like staple documents that are urgently needed for the meeting
2. Is unselfish and works for the benefit of the whole team
3. Truly cares and is genuine
4. You look forward to seeing them each morning

I was working very long hours every day, till midnight sometimes. I was also paid below average wage. But you know what? I was happy and motivated. I think that all employers should know that employees need very little to be happy and productive. Just treat them like you would like to be treated. Decency goes a long way. Anyway most new workers come to a job highly pepped up euphoric and self motivated. It’s bad bosses and evil coworkers them bring them down. How I wish I could have the power to change the way top management thinks. Also they should not demand respect, because respect is always earned.

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